AB 1871 Personal Car Sharing

Update: AB 1871 has been passed into law. It goes into effect in January 2011:


U.S. BILL AB 1871 Legalizing “Personal Car Sharing”

California Assembly Member Dave Jones introduced AB 1871, which passed.

Status 09/09/10 РAB 1871 goes to the Governor of California for signing into law.

More details

Personal Car Sharing (Car owners renting their cars to their neighbors)

California is about to pass Bill AB 1871 that will allow car owners to rent out their personal cars to their neighbors WITHOUT the need to (1) utilize their own insurance, (2) obtain commercial plates, and (3) obtain commercial insurance. Brokers within this industry will facilitate these personal rentals by providing them with a central office where they can drop off their cars and allow their neighbors to rent them out for a reasonable fee. The car owners can also store their cars at their location and have their neighbors pick up the cars from them. Furthermore, car owners can rent their cars out to employers who provide them to the employees. Such cars can be stored at the broker’s parking lot.

AB 1871 will allow car owners to receive temporary insurance when they are part of a personal car sharing community. Thus, part of the fees will be generated from offering this service. There will be a healthy competition in this area to keep insurance costs low.

Conventional “car sharing”, as opposed to “personal car sharing”, incorporate methodology that requires them to own and maintain the vehicles. However, under the personal car sharing business model, the brokers will NOT be required to own or maintain the vehicles. Thus, this cost is eliminated from the overhead in running the business.

Many people have voiced the concern of renting out their cars to strangers. However, there are innovative approaches to deal with this issue. First, the conventional approach is to conduct background checks and to read feedback ratings. Or to simply rent the vehicle to an actual neighbor the car owner knows and trusts. One innovative approach is to purchase a wreck and use the income from that car to pay for the primary car. Bill AB 1871 does NOT appear to prohibit such a practice. The personal care sharing market appears to be growing at a high rate of speed and the passing of AB 1871 will only go to increase this pace. With the success of AB 1871 in California, other States will follow with their own laws. It appears that this new business model is going to be huge.

City / Region Organization 4 hr trip* Size $/NGO
Alexandria, VA zipcar ~ large for-$
Alexandria, VA RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Ann Arbor, MI Zipcar ~ large for-$
Arlington, VA zipcar ~ large for-$
Ashland, OR Ashland CarShare ~ ~ ~
Aspen, CO Roaring Fork Valley Vehicles ~ small for-$
Atlanta, GA zipcar ~ large for-$
Atlanta, GA RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Austin,Tx Austin CarShare $27.00 small NGO
Austin, TX RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Austin,Tx Car2go $48.00 large for-$
Baltimore, MD zipcar ~ large for-$
Bellingham,WA Community Car Share of Bellingham ~ small NGO
Berkeley,CA City CarShare $30.27 large NGO
Berkeley, CA RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Buffalo, NY Buffalo CarShare ~ small NGO
Buffalo, NY RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Boston, MA ZipCar $31.50 large for-$
Boulder, CO eGo Carshare (formerly Boulder CarShare) $19.76 small NGO
Burlington, VT CarShare Vermont $34.05 small NGO
Calgary, AB Calgary Alternative Transp. Co-op ~ small co-op
Chicago, IL i-go-cars $34.69 large NGO
Chicago, IL RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Chicago, IL Zipcar ~ large for-$
Chapel Hill, NC ZipCar $20.56 large for-$
Cleveland, OH City Wheels $32.00 small for-$
Cleveland, OH RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Denver, CO eGo Carshare $19.76 small NGO
Denver, CO RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Denver, CO Occassional Car ~ ~ ~
East Bay, CA City CarShare $30.27 large for-$
Edmonton, AB Carsharing Co-op. Edmonton ~ small co-op
Eugene, OR Eugene Bio Car Share ~ small NGO
Fairfax County, VA Zipcar ~ Large for-$
Fort Wayne, IN Fort Wayne Car Co-op ~ small co-op
Gainsville, FL Zipcar ~ large for-$
Gatineau, PQ CommunAuto $18.05 large for-$
Greenbelt,MD ZipCar $31.50 large for-$
Halifax, NS CarShare HFX ~ ~ ~
Hamilton, ON Grand River Car Share $28.67 small co-op
Hoboken, NJ Corner Car large PPP
Hoboken, NJ RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Hoboken, NJ ZipCar $36.00 large for-$
Ithaca, NY Ithaca CarShare ~ small NGO
Ithaca, NY RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Kingston, ON Kelsey ~ small for-$
Kitsap County,WA Scoot $34.00~ large for-$
Kitch.Waterloo, ON Grand River Car Share $28.67 small co-op
Los Angeles, CA LAXcarshare ~ ~ for-$
Los Angeles, CA RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Madison, WI Community Car $29.22 medium for-$
Madison, WI U Car Share $40.00 medium for-$
Minn./St. Paul, MN hOurcar $36.16 medium NGO
Minn./St. Paul, MN ZipCar $35.39 large for-$
Montgomery Cty, MD ZipCar ~ large for-$
Montreal, PQ Communauto $18.05 large for-$
Nelson, BC Nelson CarShare Cooperative ~ small co-op
Nevada City, CA ContactMike Foxfoot ~ small ngo
New York, NY Connect by Hertz $40.00 ~ for-$
New York, NY RentMyCar ~ large for-$
New York, NY Mint $40.00 ~ for-$
New York, NY ZipCar $44.00 large for-$
Oakland, CA City CarShare $30.27 large for-$
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Ottawa, ON Vrtucar $30.60 medium for-$
Philadelphia, PA PhillyCarShare $30.84 large NGO
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Philidelphia, PA ZipCar ~ large for-$
Pittsburg, PA ZipCar ~ large for-$
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Portland, OR ZipCar $38.00 large for-$
Portland, OR U Car Share $40.00 medium for-$
Portland, ME U Car Share ~ medium for-$
Prince Grgs. Cty, MD ZipCar ~ large for-$
Princeton, NJ ZipCar $36.00 large for-$
Princeton, NJ RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Quebec City, PQ Communauto $18.05 large for-$
Regina, SK Regina CarShare ~ small co-op
Rutledge, MO Dancing Rabbit Vehicle Co-op ~ small co-op
St. Louis, MO Wecar ~ ~ for-$
San Francisco,CA City CarShare $29.94 large NGO
San Francisco,CA ZipCar $37.00 large for-$
San Luis Obispo, CA FunRide $26 small For-Profit
Saskatoon, SK Dadro Car Sharing ~ ~ for-$
Seattle, WA Zipcar ~ large for-$
Sebastopol, CA SolarCarShare ~ small ~
Sherbrooke, PQ Communauto $18.05 large for-$
Syracuse, NY CuseCar ~ small NGO
Toronto, ON AutoShare $34.53 large for-$
Toronto, ON Zipcar $39.60 large for-$
Vancouver, BC Co-operative Auto Network $23.08 large co-op
Vancouver, BC ZipCar ~ large for-$
Vancouver Island, BC Co-operative Auto Network $23.08 large co-op
Victoria, BC Victoria Car Share Co-op $19.63 small co-op
Washington, DC ZipCar $31.50 large for-$
Whistler, BC Co-operative Auto Network $23.08 large co-op
In Planning
Ann Arbor, MI Ann Arbor Community Car Co-op ~ small co-op
Columbus, OH Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission ~ ~ ~
Dallas, TX Oak Cliff Car Share ~ ~ ~
Eugene, OR Lane Car Share ~ ~ ~
Guelph, ON Contact Bill Barrett ~ ~ ~
Old Westbury, NY c/o Michael Cellini ~ ~ ~
Orlando, FL contact Andy Nicol ~ ~ ~
Portland, ME c/o Matti Gurney ~ ~ ~
Regina, SK Regina CarShare ~ ~ ~
Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Car Share ~ ~ ~
Santa Barbara, CA RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Wilmongton, DE RideShare Delaware ~ ~ ~
Winnipeg, MB contact Bruce Berry ~ ~ ~
Closed etc..
DC / SF / WA / OR Flexcar ~ ~ ~
Atlanta, GE eMotion Mobility ~ ~ ~
Chicago, IL Ready Car ~ ~ ~
Denver, CO ~ ~ ~ ~
Detroit, MI Motor City Car Share ~ ~ ~
Detroit, MI Via Car ~ ~ ~
Palo Alto, CA CarLink II Demo Project ~ ~ ~
Palto Alto, CA RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Portland, OR Car Sharing Portland ~ ~ ~
Riverside, CA U.C. Riverside Intellishare ~ ~ ~
Traverse City, MI CarSharing Traverse ~ ~ ~
Mobility CarSharing Switzerland Mobility Car Sharing* ~ ~ ~
Europe European CarSharing* ~ ~ ~
Austria DENZELDRIVE ~ ~ ~
Belgium RentMyCar ~ large for-$
5 cities Cambio ~ ~ ~
Finland City Car Club ~ ~ ~
France AutoLibre ~ ~ ~
France RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Paris Caisse-Commune ~ ~ ~
Paris RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Paris Connect by Hertz ~ ~ for-$
Germany Bundesverband CarSharing* ~ ~ ~
Germany RentMyCar ~ large for-$
8 cities Cambio ~ ~ ~
Goettingen stadt-teil-auto Goettingen ~ ~ ~
Kassel Stattauto Kassel ~ ~ ~
Italy RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Milano Milano Car Sharing ~ ~ ~
Netherlands Green Wheels
Netherlands RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Oslo Bilkollektivet ~ ~ ~
Trondheim BILRINGEN ~ ~ ~
Bergen BilRingen ~ ~ ~
Portugal ~ ~ ~
Lisboa Mob Carshaaring ~ large for-$
Spain RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Barcelona Catalunya CarSharing ~ ~ ~
Sweden a list
Goteborg Majornas Bilkooperativ ~ ~ ~
various cities Sun Fleet ~ ~ ~
Denmark ? Andelsbil.dk
Aarhus Aarhus Delebilklub ~ ~ ~
UK Carplus
UK RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Brighton Streetcar ~ large for-$
Cranfield University CampusCars ~ ~ ~
Edinburgh Smart Moves ~ ~ ~
London Connect by Hertz ~ ~ for-$
London Streetcar ~ large for-$
London Zipcar ~ large for-$
Oxford ITSM ~ ~ ~
Southampton Streetcar ~ large for-$
Australia / New Zealand
Australia RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Aukland, NZ Cityhop ~ medium For-$
Brisbane GWhiz ~ small For-$
Melbourne Flexicar ~ Large For-$
Melbourne GoGet ~ Large For-$
Perth Nexus Car Share $32 Small For-$
Sydney GoGet ~ Large For-$
Asia RentMyCar ~ large for-$
Jerusalem contact Gidon Ariel ~ ~ ~
Tel Aviv Car2Go ~ ~ ~
Singapore Honda ICVS ~ ~ ~
Singapore NTUC INCOME Car Co-op
Singapore Whizzcar
City/Region Organization 4 hr trip* Size $/NGO
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